August 6, 2005

4 ply

The back of Charles is finished.

I'm enjoying the 4 ply and have started looking at some other small gauge projects. While I was checking online shops for yarn prices, I stumbled upon KnitPicks new fall yarns. They have 4 ply priced at only $1.79 a ball! That means I could make this sweater

or this one

for only $8.95!

Posted by crsattic at 8:57 PM | 4 Comments


Oh wow! I haven't looked yet, but if that's the case, watch out Knit Picks!

Those are lovely projects - how afordable is that yarn!!! You are going great guns with 'Charles'.

That ballet wrap is georgeous. Please, do that!
Charlotte will be news of that day in that wrap!

Oh the sweater are so cute!!! What book are the patterns in?

And you know I think my IQ has dropped too. I LIVE for the small projects that DH has me help out with for the Rotary club....and for the evening news.

The local college wanted me to teach a genealogy class in the fall but I'm afraid I'm not smart enough anymore :-)

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