July 23, 2005

More Pieces for the Blocking Board

Both of Charlotte's Lacey Sweater sleeves are finished.

This sweater is joining Joshua's v-neck for the big finishing party I need to schedule soon. Both the Spring Fling sweater and Spot (another Joshua vest) are getting close to being on the guest list as well.

Charlotte attended her first birthday party today and had a blast.

It was held at a gymnastics center, so there were big blocks for tumbling, hula hoops, trampoline floors, and a giant pit of foam blocks to jump in. She wasn't keen on the idea of actually jumping into the pit, but by the end, she had no problem swimmimg in it.

I'm starting to wonder where the little girl that loved firetrucks and trains went to. Charlotte is increasingly becoming more girly and less of a tomboy. I showed her a tan sweater the other day and asked her if she'd like for me to make it for her. She told me no, she wanted a pink sweater. Today, she had to wear a pink shirt to the party and have her hair curled like Mommy.

Thank goodness the Lacey sweater is pink.

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My niece is the same way. All her playmates are boys and she used to love trucks and blocks. now she plays with dolls exclusively and prefers pink, though she'll wear purple in a pinch. They're so cute at that age!

Hope you have a lot of pink in your stash. Lovely to see the piccies of Charlotte enjoying being a girl, wait until she is pinching clothes from your wardrobe! I am speaking from experience ;-)

LOL my DD was the same way! now all she wants to wear is dresses the go out when she twirls...LOL she's almost 6 LOL

That's so cute. We've started the birthday party circuit this year, too and Erika is hard at work planning hers already. :-)

Don't worry too much -- both of mine wore only pink for a few years, and twirly dresses, and only now, at ages 13 and 15, will they appear in dresses again, and certainly never in pink at all ever. There were many years of jeans in between. Also, you can climb trees and ride skateboards just as well in pink as in any other color. I do remember, though, that one summer my then four-year-old came home from some sports day camp completely indignant because they had wanted her to do something involving some kind of glove that no princess would ever wear in a million years. We figured out eventually that they'd wanted her to play softball! Oh well --

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