July 5, 2005

Just Call Him "Mr. Slim"

Joshua had his 6 month doctor visit today. He is measuring in the 80th percentile for height and the 20th for weight. It turns out that he's exceeded the height requirement for his carseat, so we need to get him a new one sometime this month. Charlotte used this same seat until she was close to a year old! Michael had mentioned that his feet were hanging off the end of the seat, so now we know why.
Joshua also cut tooth number two on Sunday. To correspond with his second tooth, here is the second piece of his argyle vest.
Now I just have to finish it before it's too short for him!

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He is so cute! My little guy will be 5 months in 2 days and he is too long for his carseat also. I have to go get him a new tomorrow. He is almost 17 pounds!!! He is a big guy. So far he has 2 teeth also but hasn't even thought about sitting up yet.

Very nice vest!

Joshua is cute! And I love his vest. The best part about knitting for babies is the projects are smaller and you finish faster. He will look adorable in this.

And Charlotte's tank? Simply beautiful, Christina!

That looks great - look forward to seeing the little one in it!

Although package 1 hasn't yet reached you yet (should do soon), I am starting to prepare package 2...

take care,


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