July 10, 2005

I imagine that when most children wake up scared in the middle of the night, they call out for mommy or daddy. Not Charlotte- last night she woke up and yelled "Old MacDonald had a farm!". We'll see what song lyrics we're woken up with tonight.
The front of the lacey sweater is complete.

Posted by crsattic at 11:49 PM | 7 Comments


that's too cute! (and will make for great embarrassing stories when she's older LOL)

I'm slowly making it around and catching up in the blog world. My God the children (AND the knitting) are looking beautiful. I can't believe how quickly they are growing!

What a pretty flower! And that Charlotte, she really does crack me up!

Oh that's the sweetest thing! Bless her heart!
The lacy sweater is lovely too.

I don't know what is cuter the flower or Miss Charlotte !!!

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