July 2, 2005


Charlotte's tank is finished.


The pattern is Cecile from Bouton d'Or layette and junior #12. I made the 2 year old size and used two skeins of Ice Blue Cotton Ease. The only changes I made to the pattern were in the trim. For the arms, I did the first row in single crochet and only picoted every other stitch in the second row. For the neck, I only did one row of single crochet. The bottom was left without any trim.

Posted by crsattic at 11:33 PM | 5 Comments


How lovelly! I love knitted clothes that can be worn through whole year.

I think it's so cool you knit for your children! They'll look back on all these photos in which they are wearing the clothes you knitted and be reminded of how much you love them. Precious memories in the making. =)

Beautiful - both Charlotte and the tank!

Charlotte's so cute and the tank is great looking!

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