June 6, 2005

Water Works

We spent Saturday at the Botanical Gardens for the second weekend of Water Works. Charlotte had fun playing in some of the new attractions such as the Wacky Waterbrella and the Kid Carwash.

The Carwash also featured a bubble machine.

She also enjoyed a couple of her favorites from last year- the Rock Garden

and the Psychedelic Sloshy Saucer.

Joshua stayed cool in the shade

while I took the opportunity to try out my new bucket hat.

This was made fom Bonne Marie's pattern, was knitted on size 3 and 7 needles, and used two balls of ASC in Jaunty. I made the medium size.
I'm teaching Vacation Bible School all this week, so I'm a little short on time. If I owe you an email, I'll try to send it out by this weekend.

Posted by crsattic at 10:59 PM | 4 Comments


Your bucket hat looks FAB! I love the color. The kiddos are as adorable as ever. Has Char asked for a car yet?

Those pics of Charlotte make me smile. She is such a little doll. I just love her legs.

What a fun day! you have two sweeties. I love your hat.

My oh my, Charlotte is growing so fast... She looks lovely as do you in your bucket hat. Very trendy. A.x

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