June 26, 2005


Here's the back of Joshua's Argyle vest.

I'm using Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and the pattern is from the Special Knits book. I'm making the 6-9 month size, which is pretty big for him, so he should be able to wear it all through football season. (The vest just happens to be in GA Tech colors.)
We hit a milestone yesterday with Joshua finally cutting his first tooth. He's had a rough day today and his gums are pretty swollen, so he might cut the second tooth very soon. (Or it could just keep bothering him for a few more months.) I'm actually sad about the whole thing; I'm going to miss his big gummy grins.
Here's his latest trick:

sitting up by himself

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That argyle sweater looks fantastic! I really love the Cinderella/Sugar & Spice sweater too.
Thank you for the birthday wishes!

That's a lovely argyle vest for Joshua! And congratulations on his first tooth! Woo hoo!

The vest looks great. Of course it needs to be in Tech colors! Got to teach him early where his loyalties lie! Hope the next tooth comes through quickly. Give our boy a bunch of extra hugs and kisses from all of us (and Charlotte too, naturally!)

What a doll! He really loooks like a little boy instead of a baby. (Okay, he always looked boy-ish, but it's so much more pronounced.) Good luck with the teething.

The vest is going to be smashing. Little Joshua is so cute!

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