June 23, 2005


Charlotte has become a big Cinderella fan lately, so she is quite pleased to now have her very own "Cinderella" sweater.
The fact that it's blue with ruffly sleeves is all the similarity she needs.

The front of Cecile is finished.

I've started seaming this tank, so Charlotte should have another wardrobe addition very soon.

Posted by crsattic at 11:24 PM | 5 Comments


I particularly like the ruffled sleeves on Charlotte's new Cinderella sweater. Is she twirling?

She looks like a little hula dancer. The sweater is looking great.

What a lovelly Cinderella! Charlotte like posing,ha? Just like my older one.
This Cinderella is something I would like to knit some kid for birthday!

Wow! When did her hair grow that long? I must have missed a couple of months! She's looking great and clearly showing off that top - a pretty princess if ever there was.

It looks perfect on her. She is SO cute! (Lord, I sound like broken record.)

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