May 31, 2005

The Petting Zoo

Today has been a bad day for both of the kids. Combine that with a dentist appointment and not much knitting was done.
To tide you over until I make enough progress to bother showing, here are some of the animals we met at the petting zoo this weekend.
There were rabbits,


and goats.

Does this guy look familar?

Here's Charlotte's mini version.

Afterward Charlotte played on the playground while Joshua and I took a break.


Posted by crsattic at 8:54 PM | 5 Comments


So sorry to hear that it was a bad day. :( Hope tomorrow is better! Looks like the petting zoo was a big hit with Charlotte - I love the pictures!

the zoo is never nice to knitting but it's fun for the kiddos! and it looks like you all had fun! my DD's fav is the petting zoo!
but i'm always toteing around a HUGE anti bacterial soap for her to hose down with afterwards! YUCK! LOL
maybe you'll get more knitting done tomorrow!
happy knitting!

Wow, look how long your hair is! Beautiful pics! Glad to see you had a great family outing. Hope your day gets better though.

It looks like she had a blast!

What a BEAUTIFUL Family !!! You & Michael have done a wonderful job. Looks like everyone had a super time..........

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