April 17, 2005

Charlotte's Blue Smock

The right side and collar went on the blocking board yesterday.
The collar looks so nice now; it was just a twisted mess before it was blocked out.

While waiting for those pieces to dry, I seamed the other parts and bought buttons.
I'd like to have this completed before my monthly craft night on Thursday. I was working on this last time and would really prefer to not carry any projects over from month to month.

Posted by crsattic at 8:44 PM | 2 Comments


That's looking really good. I love the collar. It will sure be cute. Can't wait to see a picture of Charlotte in it. So what are you going to work on next? Is the stash listed in order of preference? I hadn't realized that you were going to make Sophie. What color are you going to use? I'm almost done with the burgundy Sophie and then I can felt it.

The smock looks beautiful, I too can't wait to see it on Charlotte.

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