March 1, 2005

Marshall's Debut

It was cold enough for snow flurries this morning, so Joshua wore his newest sweater to the doctor.

The pattern is Marshall from the Rowan Babies book. It's knitted with 3 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton, color #907 Deepest Olive. I wasn't happy with this project while I was working on it. (I had to redo a couple of spots where I made careless mistakes, and one of my balls was a different dyelot. I worked every couple of rows with the odd ball to blend in the color variation, but there was still enough difference to make me think it looked striped.) Once I saw it on him, however, it became my favorite finished project. Carol is right on with her advice that you shouldn't worry about a mistake if it ?can?t be seen from the back of a galloping horse.? The color difference really isn't noticeable, and he just looks so grown up in the mock turtleneck. There are a few more pictures here, including a smiley action shot and one that shows all of his spikey, crazy hair.

Posted by crsattic at 6:54 PM | 11 Comments


What a little gentleman! So handsome in his new Marshall sweater! Good job, Mama Christina!

Aw, Joshua looks so happy in his new sweater!

I love the sweater-it looks so good, and Joshua looks SO grown up!

So very cute in his fab new sweater.I really like Wool Cotton for baby / small person stuff.

Awwwwww . . . he's so cute! And he really looks like his big sister in that photo! very cute!

that sweater is adorable! i love the spikey hair.

i also have to say i see a lot of charlotte in joshua's pics in the popup.

what a cutie! and the sweater looks good too - ;)

He is such a handsome little man !!!!! You really out did yourself with the beautiful sweater......

Oh my gosh...he looks like such a big boy in his sweater. Love the hair shots. Thank God for Carol's socks feel right on thanks to her ;-)

Oh my GOD! He looks JUST LIKE CHARLOTTE. Too cute! He looks like an angel.

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