February 16, 2005

Project Status

1. Mike's Socks

The first sock is finished, and I'm over halfway finished with the foot of the second one.

2. Polka Dot Booties

I hit a snag with these when I ran out of tan yarn with 7 rows left on the second bootie. I plan on shortening the cuffs by 4 rows, so I have to pull out some rows on the first bootie. Due to the yarn shortage, I won't be making the matching hat after all.

3. Marshall

The sleeves are finished and I'd almost finished the back when I managed to screw up the neck shaping. I have to unknit a couple of rows to fix it. Tonight and tomorrow are knit nights so I'm hoping to finish the front. Then I can get this guy done by Monday.

4. Jiffy Hat

I finished this hat over the weekend. This pattern is just stockinette stitch and calls for size 10.5 needles, so it only took a few hours to finish. The pattern is from the Parents Special Baby Winter 2002 issue. Instead of knitting the hat flat as the pattern instructed, I knit it in the round. The hat used one skein each of Lion Brand Jiffy in colors 110- Navy and 111- Heather Blue.

Note: There are new pictures on both Charlotte and Joshua's sites.

Posted by crsattic at 6:06 PM | 4 Comments


That's some pretty impressive knitting- I still don't see how you get so much accomplished! :) Hope you enjoy your knit nights. Btw, your children are beautiful! (of course!)

Such a productive time you've had. Cute as a button is that little guy!

He is the most handsome little man in the whole state of AL. His little hat is soooo very cute on him !!!!

I am with Mom, what a beautiful baby! And the booties look scrummy - I think I might almost need a pair for me :) Love, A.x x

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