January 31, 2005

Milestones and Mail

Joshua hit the one month mark yesterday and showed off his age by sleeping for 4 hour blocks during the night. It's been the best two nights of sleep we've had in a while. He also outgrew a couple of his hats. There's yarn for a few more in the stash, so his head should stay warm for the rest of the winter.

Here are the fun packages I received last week. First of all are the knitting related items.
A ball winder, Miss Bea's Band, Miss Bea's Seaside, Knitter's Little Helper Hand Cream, 3 skeins of Wool of the Andes yarn in cranberry for a bucket hat, and some Peruvian Collection Quechua in charcoal for a gift I'm working on

I also received some soap supplies.
3 soap bases and fragrances
This package may not have contained any knitting supplies, but at least one of the fragrances claims to render men helpless, content to sit immobile for hours while you use their arms as a yarn-winder. lol

Just to prove there is actual knitting occuring, here is Joshua's striped hooded top.
The hood is over halfway done; soon all that will be left is seaming and edging. I've started knitting 10 rows after every feeding. It's the only way I can make any progress in between my KIP nights.

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I love the hoodie, it will be precious when done. Good luck with the sleeping longer. Our 2nd did it home from the hospital, our 1st never understood the sleep cycle!

The hoodie is adorable.

Congrats on Joshua's sleeping in 4 hour blocks. That's huge!

Congrats and Happy 1 Month to Joshua and to you for a wondeful blessing.

Can't wait to see precious little Joshua in his new hoodie and I hope you continue to get more sleep!!!

Don't you just love it when you are on first name terms with your postman - bring on those parcels! The hooded top looks lovely, what yarn are you using? A. x

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