January 10, 2005


For Christmas, Charlotte received a blanket from her Aunt Heather. Heather also made a blanket for Charlotte's rabbit. Now every night, Charlotte and Rabbit must be tucked in with their new blankets before Charlotte will even consider going to sleep.
For those wondering where Lamby went: For a while, Rabbit replaced Lamby as Charlotte's animal of choice. Now she has to have them both at bedtime.

I spent the Wednesday before the hospital finishing the Big Bad Baby Blanket.
So far Joshua has found it satisfactory.

Thanks for all of the breastfeeding advice. Joshua and I are doing very well with it. At his appointment last Friday, he was up to 8 pounds!

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He's doing so well [and you !].A lovely picture of him in his blanket.Gorgeous pic of Charlotte as well.

Ahh..Charlotte looks so content in her blanket. My mom made my daughter a "Cinderella" blanket for Xmas, and she just loves it. Joshua looks pleased with his blanket as well!

He's beautiful! I'm so glad he's doing well and it looks like the blanket is perfect for him. I hope Charlotte is enjoying being a big sister. Can't wait for you to bring them both back up here for a visit.

Charlotte & Joshua are precious, & the blankets look so nice & cozy for them both to enjoy this winter...

Have to admit I'm quite thrilled that Charlotte and Rabbit like their blankets! :) Can't wait to see little Joshua- what a cutie!

I love seeing Charlotte with her blanket and toy. They remind me of my oldest son (now almost 26!!) who had to have his little army of animals all around him in his crib before he could sleep. Heaven forbid we should misplace one!! Might be a good idea to make/purchase a second toy to match the first in case of loss!! By the way, Joshua is beautiful!

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