December 4, 2004

What makes leaving the house at 35 weeks pregnant worthwhile?

A phenomenal deal on yarn!
My local yarn store was having their annual holiday sale today, and everyone that arrived drew out of a bag to determine their yarn discount amount. Discounts started at 20% and went up to one piece of paper with 75% off. Guess which lucky lady got the 75% discount! I went a little nuts, but I doubt I'll ever be in this good of a purchasing position again. Here's what followed me home.

Kidsilk Haze for Brie, Cascade 220 for two BUC hats, and 1 skein of Opal sock yarn

4ply Soft and Lurex Shimmer for Florentine

Handknit DK for a Lacy Sweater and Sweet Pea from MinnowKnits, Too

Wool Cotton and 4 ply Soft for Marshall, Truelove, and the Child's Smock in Debbie Bliss's Knitting Workbook

Yorkshire Tweed DK for Clark

Other than a coat to go with the Sweet Pea dress (there wasn't enough yarn in the color I needed), I think I have all of my projects purchased and lined up for the next year! Now I'm really trying to clear out the Christmas knitting to make room for some new projects. Hopefully I'll have another FO (or two) in the next couple of days.

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Oh, you lucky Duck!! I am excited for you, such neat projects to enjoy. Good luck with baby.

Wow! I wouldn't even know how to act.

You made some beautiful choices!


You lucky girl! The purchases are lovely - I can't wait to see the yarn "grow up" as next year progresses. :) (Trust me, a sale like that and I'd be off of my death bed to enhance the stash! lol)

The lacy sweater is SO cute! I made one in Sunflower and it was absolutely adorable!

You weren't kidding about what a haul you made! I was hoping you'd post pictures so I could see just how much you got. You sure were lucky! Now have some fun trying to figure out where to store all of it.

wow! I am not sure they'd have any yarn left at 75% off! I'm surprised you didn't go into labor right there. Congratulations and what lovely yarn!

What a haul! You picked out some really pretty yarn.

WOW! Now, don't go getting any ideas, you "irregulars". And you know who you are!

I love Florentine, and it will look AWESOME on you!

Lucky you! What a great haul. I think if it were me, I might have cleaned out the store...

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