December 30, 2004

Joshua is here!

Joshua Brandon was born at 1:56 pm today, weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces. He and mommy are doing wonderfully. You can see more pictures and video at his web site.

Posted by tiffman at 6:58 PM | 28 Comments


Welcome to the world, Handsome Baby Joshua! We're so happy you are here! Congratulations to Mommy, Daddy and Char-Char!

Welcome to the world baby Joshua and happy babymoon Christina.

Congratulations! I watched the video, what a little cutie. Thanks for sharing with us.

Congratulations to the Mom, Dad and new Big Sister! What an adorable addition to the family!

Welcome Brandon to the world. What a beautiful little boy.

Congratulations to the entire family.

I enjoyed watching the video and all the photos also. Thank you for sharing.

Congrats! Welcome to the world Joshua - you barely made it into 2004! :)

What a beautiful baby boy!!! Well done Christina!!!
Love & Hugs to Joshua
Jacinta x

Wonderful news ! Many congratulations to you all.

He is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! We can't wait to see him.

Congratulations! He is beautiful!


CONGRATULATIONS on the new addition!!!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Congratulations Christina! What a fine boy you've got. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Congratulations, you all! He is so cute and I am so happy for you. What an adorable little guy!


Joshua is beautiful.Congratulations to you and your family!

Congratulations! What a beautiful son you have!

Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby!

Congratulations and best of luck with that cutie!

Congrats Christina! Can't wait to hear more about your little one. :)

Congratulations... what a cutie!

And how nice of him to make an appearance before the end of the year, so you could get a tax break, as well :)

CONGRATULATIONS, Christina! He's beautiful and I know you are all joyfully welcoming him to the family ~

Congratulations,I am looking forward to meeting Joshua and seeing everyone else.

Congrats to you and your family on your newest member. You will have to come visit VA again soon so everyone can take a gander at Mr. Joshua.

congratulations to you and your family! what a great way to bring in the new year :)

Congratulations! He is adorable!

How wonderful!! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Joshua is such a beautiful baby! I'm sure he'll bring much love, laughter, and happiness. What a great gift for the new year!

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