December 2, 2004

Charlotte News

We went to the mall tonight so that Charlotte could have her picture taken with Santa Claus, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. As some of you may know, Charlotte isn't overly fond of men, and introducing her to a strange bearded guy just sent her over the edge. We didn't even make it to Santa; she got close enough to see him and starting crying and clinging to Mike for dear life. Maybe next year we'll get a picture.
She also started opening doors. This puts a kink in our bedtime routine because normally we'll close the door to her room after she's settled down. If she wakes up, she'll fuss for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. Now, she gets up, opens the door, and is ready to be entertained.
I don't have any FOs tonight, but I did complete the back of the Debbie Bliss Hooded Striped Top.
I'd forgotten how nice the cashmerino is to knit with. It'll be nice to clear off some of the WIPs in my sidebar so that I can work on my Weekend sweater again.

Posted by crsattic at 11:23 PM | 3 Comments


Charlotte! Don't be afraid of Santa...he brings presents! ;)

Don't stress over Santa. Erika is very excited about Santa but the only time we had Santa pictures was the 1st x-mas when she was 3 months old and didn't know any better. Even at 3 and a bit she won't sit on Santa's lap (and she usually quite likes other men). She wants me to sit on his lap........ yeah right. :-)

Oh, Weekend, I love that sweater! I am working with Wool Cotton at the moment and I love it.

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