December 1, 2004

A Finished Gift

Here's finished gift number 6,
an herbal neckwrap based on Geane's Extreme Hedonism pattern. Only 8 more gifts to go.
Thank you Uli and Emma for your encouraging remarks. This pregnancy has been so much harder than my last one that it is a relief to know that I'm close to the end. I really hated taking the contraction pills because they made me so jittery. However, now that I'm having contractions all day (mainly Braxton Hicks), my abdomen has just become unbelieveably sore. Also the baby has started pushing on the nerves at the top of my legs, so I've had sharp leg pain for the last two days. On the positive side, only 37 more days until January 8th!

Posted by crsattic at 11:21 PM | 3 Comments


The herbal neckwrap's such a great idea! And I hope baby decides to ease up on his momma for the last 37 days. Sending you warmest wishes!

Since you are in such discomfort I guess it would be crass of me to say, wait until the 9th, it's a wonderful day to be born. I can attest to that! Good luck.

You must be the queen of christmas gifts, I am really impressed. I think that I will be lucky to get to a total of 4 gifts knitted up by christmas. Your neckwrap looks fantastic - with the headache I have had, I could do with it :)

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