November 22, 2004

What's in the Mail Today?

I was extremely happy to see the postman today. He didn't bring any bills or junk mail, only goodies.
I received two pattern books, a crochet hook, and some Knit Happens sock yarn- lots of fun stuff to keep me occupied.

I have found three different groups to knit with here. Two of them meet once a month and the third one meets twice a month, but I can only attend one of their knitting times. With a lot of people going out of town for Thanksgiving, all three meetings wound up being scheduled for last week. So I got three straight nights of leaving the house and doing nothing but working on my current projects. The scooby doo sweater is now ready for seaming, one of the green/pink/orange socks is nearly complete, and Bob is now finished.
The pattern is from Rowan Babies and uses All Seasons Cotton. The finished vest is very small. It's pictured on the pattern book for size comparision. I didn't start knitting Charlotte clothes until she was about 9 months old, so I haven't had the pleasure of knitting tiny newborn items before. I love how quickly they work up! I am afraid the neckband on Bob will be too tight. It's been reworked once, so I plan to wait until I have a child to try it on before I mess with it again.

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1 Comment

Try finding a neighbor's baby that is the appropriate age, that's what I did one day. Only thing, the baby girl hat didn't really go with the gender, but he didn't mind.

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