August 26, 2004

We had our first appointment with the new doctor today, and unfortunately, when our appointment was made, we weren't scheduled a time with the ultrasound technician. Our nurse was really great about it though. She got us one of the ultrasound rooms, and the doctor performed a brief ultrasound. We were able to see the baby, and it looks very healthy. However, it had its legs crossed with the umbilical cord between them, so we don't have a clue as to the sex yet. We have an appointment Monday with the technician, and this visit should be longer since she'll be taking several measurements to verify everything is on schedule. Hopefully, this child will give us a good shot at some point while we're there.

As promised, the Brittany jumper is finished.


It actually fits Charlotte much better than expected. I made it a size up with the idea she'd mainly wear it next year, but by then, she'll probably be too tall for it.


Just as the picture looks in the Minnowknits, Too book, this is a short dress. If I were to make it again, I'd probably add a couple of inches to the skirt.

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Hey! Char-Char looks too cute in her jumper. I hope that child stops being so modest by Monday.
Hugs ~

Love the jumper...and Char looks adorable as always in it. Yeah, it doesn't look like it will last until next summer! I LOVE your vintage knit tank started...Oooh Aaaah!

Oh gosh, Charlotte looks too cute for words!

The jumper is too cute.....

I'm glad all is going well with the pregnancy. Maybe baby will cooperate next time to find out the sex. I didn't know with Erika but I think with #2, I'd like to find out ahead of time.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the baby cooperates next week during the ultrasound. What an exciting time! That is one seriously cute little dress. Do you also have the first Minnow Knits book?

Charlotte looks so sweet! Glad all is well!

Cuteness exponential! Char Char and the Brittany jumper together!

And glad all is going well with baby #2! Yay!

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