August 1, 2004

Last Virginia Post

The movers are coming to pack up our stuff tomorrow, so this is my last post before we move. We've spent the day preparing for the packers, so for the first time, it really feels like we're leaving.
All of the sorting and storing has left Charlotte exhausted.


I've separated which knitting projects are coming with me, and here is the status for a couple of them.

1. Brittany Jumper


I have 25 rows left on the skirt. After that, this project should go much faster.

2. Hearts Sweater


This pattern is from Miss Bea's Colours, and I'm using Rowan ASC in Silver. Only the back is finished so far.

Posted by crsattic at 7:17 PM | 8 Comments


Good luck with the move! :)

May your move be swift, safe and smooth, and may you find great happiness in 'bama...but not so much that you don't miss us here in good ole Virginny! We'll miss you!

I hope your move goes well! Your knitting projects look beautiful and Charlotte is just too adorable.

Hope everything goes well with the move! We'll miss you!

Good luck with the move - stay safe! Let us all know when you are there, just so we don't worry... We'll miss you - but we're all planning a visit, lol! :)

Stay safe....and remember we will be with you in spirit as you start new in your beautiful 1st new home. Hopefully we will be seeing you a lot more now that you guys are so much more closer. Give Miss Charlotte a big hug & kiss to hold her until we visit.....LOVE YOU ALL MUCH!!!!!!

Heart's Sweater is SO adorable!

I can't believe that you and Charlotte won't be at the store next time I come to Alexandria, that's so sad. Good luck with your home, may you find plenty of lovely knitters there too. A. xx

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