August 30, 2004


Lilypie Baby Days

Posted by crsattic at 5:12 PM | 11 Comments


WOO-HOO! Congrats! We are already imagining all the little boy clothes we can buy for him! :) p.s. What does Michael think about you teaching this one to knit? (kidding!)

Just think - a grandson!!! What fun. I can't wait! We have been looking at some cute knitting patterns for boys. We'll have a lot of fun planning for him.

WOW!!! That is way tooooo wonderful! :) Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!!

YIPPPEEEE! Char-Char will have a little brother. I am so happy for you. I miss you!

Yipee! Congrats! Ah, little brothers...I'm going to have to teach Char a few tricks on how to deal with being an older sister.

Congratulations! Little boys are a lot of fun :)

Awww, Congratulations!
I had my children in the same order, about the same ages apart as Charlotte and your new baby. My daughter was soooooo good with her baby brother. How nice for you that you'll have one of each! :)

Charlotte is going to be such a great big sister to her baby brother!

A little boy.......... how special. Perfect little family. :-))

Fantastic news!
Carrying on the tradition of Rowanettes on this side of the Atlantic, Wendy and Jane both had boys. Maybe we could set up a Rowanettes football team?!

oh congratulations! miss charlotte gets a baby brother :)

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