August 23, 2004

Botanical Gardens

We took Charotte to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday to enjoy the Waterworks exhibit. She had lots of fun riding in the wagon,


playing in the water,


and visiting the butterfly house.


Posted by crsattic at 5:50 PM | 7 Comments


Charlotte certainly looks like she had a lot of fun!! Did Mommy have as much fun as Char-Char did? :)

What sweet pictures of Charlotte! Looks like you're enjoying your new home!

ADORABLE!!! We can't wait to see her again. Give her a big hug & Kiss from us.

Love you all!

How adorable...glad to see you guys are getting some fun time!

What fun Charlotte is having! And those butterfly wings...they could be angel wings!

Charlotte is soo sweet, I am sure a modelling career awaits! Bless!

Charlotte looks so beautiful, almost like she's ready to fly away... too cute!

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