July 1, 2004

Goodbye Fiona and Critter Knitting

Fiona is being put to rest. The bag needs a lining if I'm going to use it- which I don't feel like sewing- and I would rather use the yarn for something other than a purse for Charlotte. I bought some more Mission Falls in Sea to go with the Skye yarn that I had for Fiona in order to make the Vera Tank.
So goodbye Fiona,

and hello Vera.

I've also been busy Critter Knitting. Here are blankets four through six.



Posted by crsattic at 9:45 PM | 4 Comments


Whoa!! You've been one hell of a busy woman! :) I don't blame you for using the Mission Falls for something else - I like my Fiona, but I'm not using it for anything... now you've got me thinking, lol. I'll see you tomorrow at the Knit 'N Nosh!!

Oh, I am so with you. I keep pretending that Fiona will happen one of these days but it is not something I have really wanted to pick up recently. I do like the tank though - tempting... Now where can one buy that book?

The blankets look great, especially the diagonal one.
I've got to find a way to knit faster!

I love the diagonal blanket! is it knit or crochet?

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