June 17, 2004

More Charlotte Knits

I picked up some Rowan yarn on Tuesday.


First of all was some Wool Cotton in Camel to use for a poncho.


Second was some All Seasons Cotton in Kiss and Fern to make Charlotte the Big Push Sweater from Miss Bea's Playtime. I cast on for the sweater Tuesday, fully intending to only work a few rows here and there while completing some other lingering projects. Well the pattern is so easy and the knitting so fast, that I now have a completed back.


I know there are other projects I should be working on, but this one has so much momentum behind it that I think it'd be foolish not to go ahead and finish it. This might be the miraculous Charlotte sweater that goes from cast on to finished in under two weeks!

Posted by crsattic at 9:13 PM | 2 Comments


cute sweater! nice colors for charlotte too. i'm glad you found something that you're really enjoying. definitely just go with it!

btw, that "jumping dress" in the same book looks like it'd be really cute for her too :)

Hi Christina ~
What poncho are you making?
That sweater for Charlotte is super cute! and how quick are you?
Wish I could knit as fast as I shop. Found a dress during lunch on Wednesday for the wedding. Dress, shoes, earrings, bracelet AND underthings in 1 1/2 hours! So glad I didn't leave Knit Happens early for shopping on Tuesday!
Take care and have a great weekend!

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