May 10, 2004

Why Charlotte Loves Knit N' Nosh

When I arrived home from Friday's Knit N' Nosh, Charlotte was very excited to see me. Not only did I bring home Krispy Kremes for her and Daddy, but I also had a hat and a finished tank top. After a donut and a cookie, Charlotte was ready for her photo shoot.
She found this look so fashionable, that she decided to dress the same way for our visit to Knit Happens on Saturday. She sat on Michael's lap and colored while I got to visit with friends. As if that wasn't nice enough, the two of them gave me some very nice gifts Sunday morning - pajamas, a Norah Jones CD, Adorable Knits for Tots, and MinnowKnits, Too. So not only do I have an adorable, intelligent little girl to knit for, but I also have a wonderful husband who doesn't mind sitting in yarn shops and has excellent taste in gifts. It was a very good weekend to be a Mommy.

Posted by crsattic at 10:25 PM | 3 Comments


Sounds like you have been a lucky lady, all those lovely pressies.
And as for Charlotte, looks like the face that could sell a million Krispy Kremes to me!! Her tank looks adorable.

Hi, Christina,
Charlotte is so precious, and she's the perfect little model for all your handmade works of art. Sounds like Mike was extra good to you on Mother's Day--you deserved it! I hope you're feeling well this week,

So, congratulations on your pregnancy! Just read a few of your notes, catching up. That is wonderful! Happy Mommy Day, as my grandson says!!(2 years, 3months)

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