May 4, 2004

The Groupie

My daughter is now an official Wiggles Groupie. Charlotte has been enjoying the TV show for a few months now, so last night we bought her first Wiggles CD. Not only did she recognize the people on the case, but since we picked it out, she has not let the case out of her sight. I'd thought she might be too young for a Wiggles concert, but now I think she'd really like it.
She was so busy dancing to her CD that I had a hard time getting her to pose with her winter headband.
Instead of another scarf I used the Gedifra to make an earwarmer. I cast on 10 stitches and worked 2 rows knits, 2 rows purl, until I ran out of yarn. Then I sewed the two ends together.
The yarn is very thick, so her ears will be quite warm this winter.
Tonight, I want to have the sample for Thursday's class finished.

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Hi Christina ~ We saw the Wiggles in November when Caroline was 30 months and had a blast. I've been a bit diappointed by her subsequent Arthur jag, but lately she's been choosing Wallace & Gromit every morning ~

We love Wiggles at our house. We have 5 or 6 of their DVDs, one tape constantly in my car and one CD always in Evan's car. She isn't as infatuated with them now as she was before Christmas but she still likes them. She's now into Bob the Builder (and that's passing), Angelina Ballerina is big for her right now. And then she's started getting interested in things like the Lion King and Shrek......... go figure. But the Wiggles are awesome. You know, she calls Dorothy and Henry and the guys on her play phone almost every day and tells them how her day went. :-))

A. loves the Wiggles, too! Robin and I want to take our daughters to see them if they and Charlotte should come!

That picture of her in high heels is so cute. :) And how true about trying to reach stuff. Right now A. is in full climbing mode. My hair is getting grayer every day!

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