May 17, 2004

The pregnancy symptoms have arrived at our house. I hadn't had any problems before this weekend; I was just hungry all the time. Now I'm still reeling from my third day of morning sickness. Unfortunately for Mike, today's his birthday, and he got stuck with all the preparations. I've been knitting his gift for the last month, but when my wrists started bothering me, I had to slow way down. So he received half of his present today.
The first sock fits fine, so it's just a matter of completing the second one.
There's a new to do list for this week. Project priorities have been reshuffled, so the old stuff is just on hold for now.

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i was wondering if that's why you haven't posted lately...take care of yourself and feel better!

Feel better Christina! (And Happy Birthday to Mike!)

Hope you feel better and that m/s doesn't keep you close to a bathroom for the entired first 3 months.

Take care & hope you feel better real soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!

When you hadn't posted in a few days, I thought that "morning" sickness might be the case.
How well I remember those days! Here's hoping that it passes quickly!
Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes (and to my beautiful wife for the socks).

I hope you are feeling much better! Happy (belated) Birthday Mike!

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