May 26, 2004

Mid-Week Progress Report

It's already Wednesday, and I don't think my list for this week will be completed.
The booga bag is going to be a gift, so it's my top priority right now. I had the right size dpns for the project, but not the right size circular, so I just started doing the sides with the dpns. I'm finding that this is just putting more strain on the bag and my wrists. I'm only a third of the way through and it seems like this bag is taking forever. Those of you that have made this project before, how long of a circular would you recommend?
One of my Critter Knitter blankets is finished. I enlisted the help of my sweater machine and knit up two stockinette squares- one for the front and one for the back. I then crocheted an edging holding them both together. It was a quick way to counteract the curling from the knitting, but the blanket is a little thicker than I'd like. For the next one, I want to try crocheting an edging around just one square. The blanket is 90 stitches by 135 rows, all stockinette, in worsted weight acrylic yarn. Any idea how many rounds of single crochet it'd take to make it lie flat?
I still have 2 inches to go before the heel on Mike's sock. He doesn't mind the slow progress; it's too hot to wear the socks right now.
I'm about a third of the way through Fiona. I'm not sure yet whether I'll keep this bag for myself or let Charlotte have it to carry her stuff around. The main factor will be how much I feel like putting in a lining.

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I think I used a 29" circ for my booga bag. The Kureyon is pretty stretchy in stockinette.
I find that since I splurged and bought a set of Denise needles, I don't pay much attention to actual lengths. I just grab whatever length cord looks good and off I go. With the Denise needles it's really easy to change cords later if you need to.

You have a knitting machine!?? oooh now I am jealous! :)

I used a 24" ciruclar for my Booga Bag. I think the pattern recommends 16" but 24" worked perfectly for me and I really don't like working with the 16". The needle parts are shorter and I find that harder/uncomfortable on the hands.

Just a quick answer to your question over on my blog........... For the longest time we were taking Erika to all the web sites of her favourite shows. The Wiggles, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina etc. That worked well.

Last year, I had a chance to buy a small library of toddler software from a colleague whose children had grown out of them. The two that Erika's been playing with were a Winnie the Pooh Toddler software and some stuff by the Learning Company called Reader Rabbit. They are colourful and easy. We discovered that for both, Winnie The Pooh and the Reader Rabbit one she didn't have to even use the mouse. Hitting the arrow keys repeatedly also caused things to happen such as colouring in some drawings or popping balloons. Or, I have her sit on my lap and she tells me what she wants to do and I'll operate the mouse for her.

I think I used a 26" circular for my booga bag. It worked fine; like Uli said, the Kureyon is stretchy so it wasn't too big. I hope your wrists feel better. I think maybe 3 rows of single crochet would work as an edging. I've done two before and it's curled, but I guess it also depends on the weight of the yarn. (?)

I have a question for you, actually, about your Daria change purse. How did you sew the zipper on? I tried it and after it was done, the zipper looked terrible, so I had to cut (aaargh) it out and do the top of the purse over. Now I am afraid to try the zipper again. I am terrible at sewing. Anyway, if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them!

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