April 9, 2004

Spring is in Bloom

The flowers outside haven't made their big appearance yet, but inside I've got 19 flowers that have completely bloomed.
Here's the flower purse, very close to completion. As far as crocheting goes, I have a border around the top and then straps. After that is the less exciting stuff, like weaving in ends and sewing in a liner. More pictures to come next week when it's finished.
Charlotte got to wear another of my flowered creations today.
The jacket is still a little big on her, so even if it's too warm to wear it soon, I think she'll still fit into it next fall.

Posted by crsattic at 9:21 PM | 4 Comments


I really like the purse, and Charlotte is cute as ever.

The purse is looking good. I agree that weaving in the ends is not a very exciting task. Too bad there is really no option!

Good thing the jacket is still a bit big on Charlotte. After all the work you did, it would be a shame to have her grow out of it too soon.

As one who has seen Charlotte in person, the sweater is ALMOST as cute as Miss Charlotte! ;)

Happy Easter!

What a precious sweater. You are a talented mom, Christina. And I love Charlotte's pigtails!

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