April 19, 2004


The change purse is complete. (I forgot to take a picture at home before I dropped it off.) This purse was made with Noro Daria and an E hook. The resulting fabric is very sturdy, so you don't need to line it. Plus, the whole thing is worked in the round, so the only sewing needed is for putting in the zipper. The purse was such a big hit that I'm making a second one for Liz and Kristine has added it to her list of projects.
The flower purse is also complete!
This pattern was crocheted with an H hook and the following yarns:
Online Linie 64
Skacel Spectraia
Classic Elite Imagine
Collinette Mohair
There were a couple of other yarns used, but I'm afraid I don't have the names at my fingertips. I needed 2 balls of the Online Linie and less than 1 ball of everyone else. You can use stash yarn for most of the project and just get yarn for the handles and borders. This is also a fun project to use for trying out a new yarn.
Speaking of new yarn I picked up this on Saturday.
The ribbon is Lanna Grossa Viale Print in color 308 and the fuzzy yarn is Lana Grossa Estivo in color 204. I plan on making the May 2003 sweater of the month found here, but I'm still working on changing the sizing to fit me.
I've completely strayed from my list on the sidebar. I'd hoped that having a monthly to do list would limit my projects, but since I started working at a yarn shop I need more flexibility. I'm following Uli's lead and changing to a weekly list instead. Most of the stuff on this week's list is gift or store related.

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Wow what a lovely crochet (flower) bag, the colours are great.
Love the little change purse too, saw it on the shop blog. And thanks for the link to Lanna Grossa, found some patterns that I likie very much! Not that I need any you understand. If only there were more time!!!!!

The flower bag turned out great! I may need to try a crochet project. Is the change purse a good place to start? I think I'll sign up for your class. Must go find out about TIVO for the husband.

I really like the flower purse too! I also am thinking I need to follow Uli's lead and having weekly lists. I have one in my head now, but haven't put it on the blog yet.

Love the flower purse, where can I buy the pattern? Hopefully one day I'll be able to come by the shop but I live in Massachusetts so I'll have to plan a road trip.

Wow, both of them turned out really well. I love the change purse - the yarn looks great with crochet and it's a cute project. And small and quickly finishable! :)

I think Liz should make HER OWN change purse, since I am doing my own! ;)


Cute purse, Christina! Love those colors.
I'm not going to be able to make tonight's Meetup after all because of my husband's work schedule. (I'd been looking forward to it because I'm suffering from extreme baby overload. Ugh!) I'll plan to be there next month, though. Meanwhile, hope I'll see you at the store.

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