April 1, 2004


Poppy is now finished.
And since we need more Charlotte pictures on this site, here she is modeling her Easter dress with the sweater.




There are even more Charlotte pictures here.
Only one new project is on the list for this month- the April UFO, Haiku. The body is finished; all that's left are the sleeves. I'm trying to get my knit along projects completed and off the list.
My email has been messed up lately, so if you've tried to send me anything in the last week, I probably haven't received it. Thank you Darcie for letting me know there was a problem. Everything should be working fine now.

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Great job. I love the sweater (and Charlotte, of course!) Looks like she enjoyed herself at the store too.

I just started a cardigan for Heather but am not making as much progress on my projects as you are on yours. By the way, how is the flower bag coming along? I'm curious to see the finished product.

The pattern for the flower bag is missing a chart, so right now it's on hold until I get the rest of the instructions.
What will Heather's cardigan look like? Is it a pattern I've seen?

You probably have seen the pattern. I was at the library and found a book from Classic Elite. The cardigan is Classic Cables. (I think Elann sells that pattern also.) It's a pretty simple design. It was going to be a surprise, but obviously, it won't be now since she's coming home tonight.

Charlotte and her little Easter dress and the cardie are so cute. Very nice job. I'll e-mail you about your comment on my blog (about the lovely temper of 2-year olds) on the weekend from home. It's a hard time to go through.

Poppy looks great, but Charlotte is completely adorable!

How do you get any knitting done with Charlotte around? I'd spend all of my time patting her cheeks! She looks so chic in her little shrug, I'm sure she'll be a hit on Easter Sunday. Great work on your part, too! No one ever talks about the moms when the cute kids are around...

as always, miss charlotte is looking absolutely adorable! the shrug and the dress are perfect together. nice job getting it done - with over a week to spare no less!

Charlotte looks so sweet in the little shrug!
I had such a lovely time with you all in Alexandria, can't wait for my next visit.

How adorable! I swear she is just the cutest thing. The dress and shrug are beautiful on her. What a lucky little girl to have Mom knitting such classy things for her.

You all are killing me with all the talk about the store! We'll be arriving the end of next month. I just cannot wait.

I've been offline for awhile, so this is a little late, but your hair looks great! I love the new cut.

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