April 27, 2004

Opinions Needed

I have almost two balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora left over from Charlotte's shrug that I'm trying to decide what to do with. The yarn is the same gauge as the Mission Falls Cotton so I'm considering Kerrie's tank for Charlotte. The tank would be all one color. The only problem is I'm not sure if I should use the yarn for another solid colored Charlotte sweater. Is it wrong to have two articles of clothing made up of the exact same yarn?

Posted by crsattic at 4:16 AM | 5 Comments


i think it's totally fine! in fact, you could almost think of them as a twin set :)

I checked, and there is no rule against it :). As you know, I am the proud owner of 10 balls of the stuff and can't come up with any idea as to what to do with it. It's soft, slightly fuzzy, drapey. The closest I've come is what you suggested - the Mission Falls simple tank (it's definately a consideration). I LOVE the shrug, but otherwise don't see this yarn so much for the little ones, unless for something dressy. What about combining it with another color for you?

I submit to you, the everyday cardigan. I am on my second one. I wonder if the knitting police will get me!???! :)
Go for it! I love the tank! Love the yarn!

I say go for it. I'm planning to use up leftovers from a sweater I made myself to make a vest (for myself). If it's a nice yarn in a flattering color, repeats are a *good* thing!

p.s. I referred a friend to you as someone who could answer crochet questions at the shop - she's getting back into crochet after a hiatus. I offered to try and help her myself, but I'm much more of a knitter, so I mentioned you as a real expert. She said she's in Old Town a lot, so I'm sure she'll be drawn in sometime - it's such a wonderful shop!

Is it wrong? Would it be wrong to have the same sweater, different yarn? Would it be wrong to have two or more pair of the same jeans? Would it be wrong to make a second baby with the same dad? hee hee. Knit on. The only rules are the ones in your head!

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