April 12, 2004

All New Words Are Not Good Words

Charlotte added "stop" to her vocabulary this weekend. Between that and "no" she doesn't have any trouble letting me know what she doesn't like. Her and I both have pretty bad colds and had to take medicine this morning. Nothing gets you excited about your child's development like chasing her around the house with a medicine dropper while she runs away screaming "STOP" and "NO, MAMA".
One thing Charlotte does like are accessories. Hats, necklaces, scarves, whatever she finds, she puts it on. Last week, we bought her a summer hat of her own and since then, it's rarely left her head.

As for knitting content, I've made it through the first pattern repeat on the VK sweater.

Charlotte wants me off the computer NOW, so that's all for today.

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Caroline (34 mos.) only recently used the word "hate" but when I asked her to define it she could not. So I tell her we don't use that word. Ah, the challenges of a daycare with older kids. They got her talking well and fast, but this is the trade-off.
BTW, I'm crocheting a Critter Knitter blanket too.

Sorry to hear that the two of you don't feel well. I've been sitting here laughing, thinking about you chasing the munchkin around the house!!She is sure a determined little girl! It is funny how much she likes to wear hats. I remember last summer when she would yank it off as quick as you put it on!

The VK sweater is looking good. I was working on the front of Heather's cardigan and realized about half way through that my buttonholes were wrong. I wrestled with the decision of what to do and my perfection side won out: I took it all apart and am back to a lovely ball of yarn. Drat!

Think I'll try to teach Heather to knit. We got a skein of Homespun and I think I'll have her try a simple scarf. She found a site about making hats for people who have lost their hair and is thinking about doing some for that - but maybe crocheting them.

Hope you get feeling better soon.

I know I shouldn't laugh, but the vision of you chasing Charlotte around as she yells 'no' and 'stop'....well, I couldn't help it!

Feel better!

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