March 17, 2004

Wednesday Night Meetup

The knitting meetup tonight was lots of fun. One of the newcomers is also a SAHM of a small child. I'd love to get some other SAHMs together for a knitting group. My knitting time tonight was enough to let me finish knitting Charlotte's shrug. Now I've got to sew it up and add the ribbing. Luckily, it's not as much ribbing as Kristine had with Lola.

Posted by crsattic at 10:08 PM | 1 Comment

1 Comment

Those flowers are so pretty! I love the way the yarn changes, although I bet it does slow you down. It looks like it will be a really cute bag for spring.

I can't wait to see pics of the shrug and your cute little girl modeling it.

Did you go to the meetup in Vienna? I have wanted to go to one, but it's about an hour away from me. Everything is about an hour away from me, sigh.

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