March 22, 2004

UFO progress

I finished the front of the DB baby sweater.
Now I've just got the sleeves, collar, and sewing up left on this UFO.
I found some charms I liked at the craft store today and decided to try making stitch markers. Here's the finished product
-four dresses and a hanger. (They look better in person.) I'm hoping to replace all of my yarn scrap markers.
It's getting very hard to keep Charlotte out of my knitting. She's smart enough to know that most of what I make is for her, so she wants to try on all of my WIPs- no matter where I'm at in their progress. She's also getting tall enough to reach my main storage spots. It's time to raise everything up higher again.

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Hi, Christina! It's Darcie (momoj) from the knitting meetup. I "googled" Knit Happens and found your weblog. I love it! Before I started to pursue knitting, I didn't know much about blogs, but I've been reading so many of them now. It makes knitting seem even more appealing and community-oriented.

I saw some of your baby girl's photos, too. She's absolutely adorable! How fortunate she is to have her mama make so many special things for her by hand.

I called the shop and inquired about classes. Unfortunately, the only ones remaining that are open on Weds (when I'm available) are in June. I will be spending a couple of weeks at my in-laws' farm in South Dakota then---probably knitting (or attempting to knit) as there isn't much else to do!

Liz told me about private lessons which excited me at first. But then I remembered that one of the reasons I need a class is to meet other women/moms/etc.! I'm hoping to check out the shop this weekend, though. It sounds like such an upbeat, fun place.

I hope to see you again! Take care.

I still panic if I leave my knitting accidentally in some "low" location and the boys are around. They pretty much know now to stay away from Mommio's knitting, but I do remember several times when needles have been pulled out! Yeah for high shelving!

My daughter does the same thing! She's been pretty good about leaving it alone when it's sitting, but if I'm working on something she wants me to hold it up to her. It's hard when you realize everything has to move up even higher!

Your stitch markers look great!

Love the sweater. The color is gorgeous.

I cannot wait to come meet all you great people! Definitely interested in the SAHM getting together to knit!

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