March 28, 2004

Our first day of the grand opening was definitely a success. The shop was very busy and I got to see several bloggers. Hi Wendy, Kerry, and Robin!
I'm working through the ribbing on the short-sleeved ribbed lace sweater for the Vintage Knits-Along. The yarn I'm using is light pink Venice by Passport Yarn Co.
While watching basketball today, I also finished this shop project.
The hat is crocheted using Rowan Cotton Braid and is made from the Mailbu pattern in the Cotton Braid Collection.
I finally got in to get my hair chopped off and I'm really happy with the results. Here's before

and here's after.

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We all love it, the only way it could look any cuter is to see it in person. We all love and miss you guys much.

P.S. Glad your grand opening went so well!

LOVE the new haircut, perfect for spring! Congrats on the shop opening, sure wish it wasn't on the other side of the continent from me!

Love the hair cut. It's really cute.

Your haircut is very cute! It looks nice and it will be great for spring & summer.

I had a great time and it was very cool to see the shop & meet you in person. You all are doing a wonderful's such a fun place!

Cute hair! Now you need some little knitted hats to go with it! I hear the cash register in the shop now...

Hi, Christina,
I had tried to respond to your email, but it kept getting kicked back to me. Anyway, thanks for the info about the class. Unfortunately, I'm not available for a class on Tuesdays due to my husband's schedule. So, I'm still trying to teach myself from the SnB book. I've got the hang of something. . .though I'm pretty sure I'm still not knitting! My "work" is quite holey-y. Like a Barbie shawl. But I've wanted to learn since the 7th grade, so I'm not about to give up! I hope I'll see you at the next meetup. Love your new summer "do"!

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