March 4, 2004

Knitting and College Hoops

I got in some good knitting time last night while watching the GA Tech/ Duke game. I'm a Tech fan, and I can't believe we Duke! It was very exciting, but I think I get more knitting accomplished when I'm watching something boring. Now I'm past the front split on the DB sweater and over halfway finished with the foot of Charlotte's second heart sock.
Have you seen the Onde knitalong on Bonne Marie's site? I'd become infatuated with this yarn and then I found a gorgeous sweater in my favorite colorway. The sweater is Onde Crochet Sweater #20 pictured here. Plus, this store provides English translations of the Phildar patterns. I think this project just leapt to the top of my wishlist.

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And did you see the sleeveless girl's tunic using the Phil'Onde on that same page? You know, I already bought the yarn for that pattern you were looking at on the weekend. I picked out the denim colour for it. And then I have the pink to white at home for a top for Erika but now I'm trying to track down just the pattern for that sleeveless tunic. You led me there...... :-)))

I downloaded the pattern for the sweater pictured, and I think it's knitted, not crocheted. I'm not fabulous at French, and I don't think a yarn store would make that mistake, but I maybe they put up the wrong photo? put the link up on her site, and she called it a knitted pullover, and she speaks French. Just a thought, now I'm all confused!

I saw this too, and it's my next project! There's a bit of controversy surrounding the 'crochetedness' of that sweater - see my latest blog entry!

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