March 3, 2004

It's a Wiggles Dance Party!

We've discovered the Wiggles at our house. Charlotte loves the show; all of the music gives her plenty of time to practice her dance moves.
While she's busy dancing, I'm getting in some knitting. Here's Weekend

and DB Blue.

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For quite some time, there was nothing else but Wiggles at our house. Now we've branched out to others but Wiggles are still a favourite. I have some on tape so Erika loves listening to it in the car when we drive to daycare etc.

Thanks for your comments on my blog about my time management skills. I'm not sure if that's it or if I just force my way into having some time at the sacrifice of some other things. For example, I don't think my house is ever perfectly clean and totally spotless. There is always housework that needs to be done and sometimes, it doesn't get done right away. I also have an amazing hubby who helps out a lot. And then I just make some time. Sometimes I knit while Evan and Erika play after work, waiting for dinner to finish and I might be waiting for some water to boil and I'll sit and knit a row until the water boils etc. But........ my whole family knows that I'm a happier girl if I get my crafty time so they try and let me have a little every day.

Enjoy your dancing little one. They're so fun to watch when they're dancing away. Erika uses her play phone to phone Dorothy the Dinosour and then has conversations about her day with Henry the Octopus (who she calls Homily Pus).

Oh good! I tried to post a comment yesterday, and couldn't get it to open. I was so thrilled to hear all of your good news over the weekend. I'm so happy you found a babysitter. Enjoy your time! I hope your appointment Thursday goes well. What great thing, making the afghan.

Today, your progress looks great! I love the cables on that Weekend.

We saw Wiggles a few times when we went to visit the States. My kids liked them, but they drove me crazy!! At least you're getting some knitting time in.

Ah yes, the Wiggles Christmas specials are a special favorite around our house! My oldest boy wants to watch it all the time.

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