February 24, 2004


Mike and I have been ttc for about four months now. We had no problems with Charlotte, so I was expecting to have it easy this time as well. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I went in to the doctor today, and it looks like I've got some sort of hormone imbalance. I have to go in tomorrow for some blood work which requires the 12 hour fasting beforehand - definitely not exciting. After this, I get to look forward to another blood test and possibly an MRI, followed by drugs to get my body behaving the way it should. Normally knowing what to expect calms me down, but in this case, it's just made me upset. Maybe it's because now I know for sure that something is wrong. Or maybe it's because we've wasted time trying for another child and all along my body wasn't going to let it happen. I was hoping for a baby by Christmas, but now I know it'll be at least a few months later.
I was pretty bummed out, so I ended up going crazy in the magazine section of the bookstore. (One of the things I miss about living near Atlanta is Joe Muggs Newsstand. I could spend at least an hour there going through their very extensive craft magazine section.) Now I've got four new knitting magazines to keep me occupied tonight. I've also started working on Charlotte's heart socks.
I'm almost finished with the ribbing on the first one. The pattern is another from Knit a Dozen Baby Socks. This is what they'll look like when they're finished.
I love the little heart on the heel. These were supposed to be for Valentine's Day, but Mike's gloves were on my size 0 dpns so I had to finish his gift before I could start on her's. I was a little disappointed that she wasn't able to wear them on the 14th, but I know she'll still be able to wear them many other days.
And speaking of Mike's gloves, they were a hit. He was able to wear them last night while counting, bagging, and tossing papers. He was even able to write with a pen without taking them off, and they keep him very warm. Mission accomplished.
Well, I'm off to get some down time, and a lot of food, before going to bed.

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Hi Christina! Thanks so much for visiting me over at my blog. Yes, both the yarn I'm working with and the one in the middle are cotton/wool/nylon blends. They feel like a silky cotton, with some give, which I guess comes from the wool. Lovely. Also, at 420m, one ball is plenty for a pair of woman's socks (right on the line for men's - so maybe a contrast heel or something would do it. I am on 2's, but might try 1's for the next pair - I see your not afraid of tiny needles! Hope all settles with your health. Hope to see you post a picture of Charlotte in those socks!

My best thoughts and wishes are with you and Mike as you look towards expanding your family.
Speaking from a "been-there-done-that" perspective, I know exactly what you are going through.
E-mail me any time you might need someone to talk to! (I can't seem to find your e-mail addy this morning! I need coffee!)


Hang in there about the TTC. I had no trouble with Erika either and I worry about TTC again and this time having trouble so I can see what you're going through. I really strongly feel I need to lose a whole bunch of weight before TTC again but it's just not happening and we were planning on starting even last year already. I'm supposed to make a Dr. appointment and discuss all this with her... merrits of losing weight vs. waiting to lose the weight and getting older (at 36, I'm feeling some pressure about the age). But I keep pushing off making the Dr. appt. because I really dislike seeing the doctor. Go figure. I hope they can figure out the hormone balance for you soon. Most likely that'll do the trick.

E-mail me if you like.


My heart goes out to you. I'll be thinking about you, and hope that all goes well.

Those socks are adorable! Can't wait to see the finished product. Woohoo to you on the gloves! Sounds like they're perfect.

Keep us posted.

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