February 21, 2004

Current Projects

I'm working on the pinky for my husband's second glove.
It shouldn't take long to finish now; I just need a little uninterrupted knitting time. I also finished the Warm Up America squares. They'll be dropped off at Michael's today.
Charlotte just threw her bowl in the floor to let me know she's finished with breakfast, so I need to go clean up. Even more than having her potty trained, I'm looking forward to the point when mopping the kitchen floor is not part of my morning routine!

Posted by crsattic at 9:17 AM | 2 Comments


I'm sure your hubby will love his gloves! Has he seen them yet or are they a surprise?
I hope that your kitchen floor has recovered from Charlotte's breakfast. How well I remember those days!
My kids are 6 and 8 and their messes seem to have grown along with them in some ways! It's much better when they can clean up after themselves to some extent! :)

Are gloves tricky? I've never made them. Yours (or his - as the case may be) look really great.

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