February 3, 2004

A Little Progress

I haven't knitted much the last few days, so not a lot of progress to report. Michael's first glove is nearly complete

and I've almost finished the second main cable repeat in the Weekend Sweater.

Charlotte doesn't feel like my knitting is progressing fast enough, so she's offered to help.

Posted by crsattic at 11:08 PM | 4 Comments


Love that knitting shot of Charlotte's. Gotta start them early. Erika is more the type to either pull the stitches of my needle or to run with the ball of yarn...........

Your cables are beautiful! And I always envy anyone brave enough to make gloves. I'd really like to try them but I'm chicken!

The sweater is looking great! I like how intent Charlotte looks with the knitting. She is definitely going to be ready to learn one day.

Charlotte will be knitting in no time! (Or crocheting!)
My 6 year old son is a crochet fiend right now. We have lots of really LONG crocheted chains around!

The weekend sweater is looking fabulous. Gorgeous cables!

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