December 24, 2003

This End Up

The sweater saga continues. I was seaming the sides today when I realized I had made the mistake to end all stupid mistakes. Remember yesterday when the neckline seemed really big before I knitted the collar in. There was a good reason for that. When I did the shoulder seams, I sewed the top of the front to the BOTTOM of the back. Crap. So, I've pulled out the side seam, the shoulder seams, and the collar. I'll just finish knitting the second sleeve for right now because I don't think I can screw that up too horribly. From now on gifts which are more difficult than a garter stitch scarf must be finished at least two weeks ahead of time. Last minute knitting just seems to lead to very dumb mistakes.
May your holiday be filled with wonderful knitting projects which come out perfect on the first attempt.

Posted by crsattic at 11:13 AM | 1 Comment

1 Comment

How frustrating for you! Hang in there. Worst thing that happens is that you give Michael a note telling him what the gift is and then finish it while we're there to keep an eye on Charlotte.

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