December 31, 2003

New Year's Resolution

With so many items on needles, it's getting hard to justify starting new projects. So, for 2004, I'm resolving to complete at least one overdue UFO per month. To be considered for UFO reduction, a project must have been started at least 4 months prior. The featured UFO for January will be the black embroidered Debbie Bliss jacket. This project was started back in July. The actual knitting portion of the jacket was completed in September, and it has taken over three months to embroider the flowers on the front of the jacket. By January 31st, this jacket will be totally completed and ready to wear.
In sock news, I'm past the heel on the first sock.
I'm enjoying the completely random striping in these socks. The second sock probably won't match the first one, and that's ok. A pair of crazy striped socks can be even more fun when they don't match exactly.

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Happy New Year to You!!
As I was doing a little introspection about life and plans for the new year I, too, made a list. I made several lists, but as I got to the "projects" page (which means knitting) the list scared me. Even though I finished a couple OLD projects in December for gifts, I came up with 14 items as required gift events and WIPs. Scary! I rationalize by saying that I don't knit to feed my family, but for enjoyment, but this has gotten a little out of hand. Good luck with your completion goal! I'm carrying a baby afghan and 3 scarves around right now. Baby is due Feb2.
Happy new knit year!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!
WOW! I just can't get over how quickly you knit your socks!

Socks have been my nemesis lately. I finished a pair in worsted on #5 needles but the #1 needles just take me forever! I'm still on the first sock and just now about to turn the heel! It's definitely been slow going.
Of course I keep getting distracted by other projects. The latest is a baby sweater for a baby that is due any minute!

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