December 8, 2003

More Socks

I finished two more Christmas presents over the weekend.
Here's the blue hat

and the Jawoll Jacquard socks.

The heels do not match perfectly on the socks, but I didn't think it was a big enough deal to rip out and redo. So much Christmas present making has led to the tired, stressed out mom winning out over the perfectionist. At least for this time, almost perfect was good enough for me.
My reward for finishing these two gifts was getting to start on the Opal socks.

The yarn for this pair is Opal Lollipop #1010. I only have about an inch to go before the heel, so maybe I'll have a finished sock by Wednesday.
I have to go to traffic court tomorrow for the accident. I'm only a witness, but I'm really dreading this. I have to see the other driver again and relive the accident. It's been bad enough to give me car accident nightmares. At least this should be over by tomorrow.

Posted by crsattic at 2:00 PM

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