October 7, 2003

A Great Meetup

I attended a wonderful meetup today with other stay at home moms. This is only the second social activity I've been to since we moved in April, and I really loved meeting all the other moms and their children. Charlotte really enjoyed interacting with the other kids as well. Hopefully, this group will continue growing so that we can see each other again next month.
In all of the excitement, I did still find time to knit. I've added a few more rows to both Sonnet and the Debbie Bliss blue sweater. The embroidered jacket is currently on the blocking table to prepare it before I start on the body flowers. And ... I cast-on and started Haiku. I'd said this would happen if I freed up a pair of needles. It's moving very fast, I should finish the first garter band tonight. I'm using the same yarn that I used for Sonnet, Venice by Passport Yarn Co. I'll post progress pics of these guys later in the week.
Charlotte's birthday is looming on the horizon (only 18 more days) and I would love to have at least one finished project to give her. I think her black jacket will be done, but I'm not sure beyond that. If you're reading this, send some positive knitting energy my way.

Posted by crsattic at 10:43 PM | 1 Comment

1 Comment

I am currently working on a scarf. It is not as advanced as your projects, but it is coming along well. I am doing it in all purl stitches of my our design. I would like to start on a clothing piece, but I have so many Christmas and birthday gifts I need to have ready soon that I do not know when I will have the time.

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