September 24, 2003

T for Tedious

I appear to be drawn to tedious projects lately. Looking at my WIP, two items are on US 4 needles, one is on US 3 needles, and the other has a lot of embroidery needed to finish. The scarf is the only "quick knit" on 11s, but I haven't worked on it in weeks. Yet I wonder why I'm not making better progress on these pieces.
The only project with advancement today is Sonnet.


I've finished the first box stitch band and am back to the garter stitch. I've used nearly a whole ball of yarn and my wrists are feeling it. I'm definitely getting circulars this weekend. They should not only speed up my Sonnet knitting, but will also free up my straight needles to cast on for Haiku. I know I have no will power, but when all your projects are tedious, having several of them keeps it interesting.

Posted by crsattic at 11:21 PM | 2 Comments


I'm at about the same point in my sonnet, but yours is on much smaller needles! (you're much braver than I!)
I love the simple color of yours, it really showcases the texture.
Thanks for sharing, I love seeing where others are in their knit-along progress!

Thanks, I enjoy seeing everyone's progress as well. Do you have a website for your knitting?

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