September 22, 2003


My progress on Sonnet stalled out today. I've only done long tail cast on, so, being lazy, I made up a cast on for the neck instead of consulting my Knitting Workbook. Then I screwed up the third row of the box stitch and had to pull out the row. The sloppy cast on was bothering me, so I decided to go ahead and frog back another couple of rows and fix that as well. Currently, I'm trying to collect all of my original stitches back on the needles while holding a teething 10 month old who cries if she's not in my lap. Plus, as much as I love the yarn I'm using for this, its soft fuzziness doesn't make for easy frogging. If you want to see some real progress, check out Jackie's Sonnet.
Here's a sweater that I have made some progress on.


With storm closings, Michael had a four day weekend so we had a big house cleaning. The house was looking cleaner, however, there wasn't much time for knitting. I say the house was looking cleaner, because it wasn't long before tornado Charlotte came through.

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