September 12, 2003

One Sleeve On And One Sleeve Off


As you can see, I've only attached one sleeve to Charlotte's jacket. The other sleeve is sewn up, just not sewn on. The jacket is big on Charlotte now, so she should get plenty of wear out of it.
Also, here is an updated photo of Charlotte's hat.


You can see the stitch pattern starting to form the heart shape.


Posted by crsattic at 9:49 PM | 2 Comments


The sweater looks good. Hard to believe you had just started it when we were there. I'll need to get busy to catch up with you. Have finished the front, back and sleeves of Megan's sweater. Need to knit on the hood and then the sweater can be assembled.

Thanks. I've been in a big sewing mood today (very unusual) so there might even be some of the embroidery finished on Charlotte's jacket for tomorrow's post. I'm excited to hear about the progress on Megan's sweater. Is it the one with the fur edging?

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