July 14, 2003

Well, my yarn stash has finally grown too large. During our move from GA to VA, my husband realized that there were many more balls of yarn floating around the house than he'd ever suspected. (7 large boxes of yarn are not easy to hide.) The reason for my large stash is simple. I have a short attention span when it comes to my work. I get excited about a new project, go out, buy the supplies, crochet or knit for a few days, and then it happens. I find another project which I would much rather be working on, and the process starts again. I know there are WIPs floating around the house that I don't even recognize. Yes, I have a problem, but it was much easier to ignore when I was the only one who knew about it.

Cutting off my yarn purchases completely was out of the question, so I'm starting a blog. I hope that publicly reporting my progress will help me to actually finish a sweater or two.

Here are my current WIPs


This tank top is from The Baby Knits Book by Debbie Bliss. I'm using Debbie Bliss wool/cotton in a lilac color. Here is my current status


I have to finish the neckband and armbands and sew it all up. This is my second attempt at this sweater. The first time, I made it in the 6-9 month size for my six month old. Unfortunately, it looked like a midriff top, so I pulled it all out and started over. The current tank is in the 12-24 month size, so it should fit my daughter, now 8 months, just fine. I do know from the first sweater that the neckband will not fit over her head. To fix this, I'll only sew up one shoulder seam and put snaps in the other one.

My second WIP is this


The poncho is from the February 2001 issue of Crochet with Heart. I'm making the adult large size using black worsted weight yarn. Here's what I've sewn up so far


and here's what I've left to sew up


Once it's sewn up, I'll have to do borders and fringe before it's done.

Hopefully, I can finish these up over the next two or three days so I can start on something new.

Posted by crsattic at 12:57 PM | 1 Comment

1 Comment

i love this site and being able to see all the things that you are making. the sweater is so cute and the buttons are such a great idea. they are also very much the style now. i cannot wait to see when the dress is finished too. i am not smart enough to start my own web site so anything that i make you will have to wait and see when you or i visit. one of the baby stuffed animals i made is being given away at the baby shower at church. i love you guys and miss you all lots. talk to you soon


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